Soul2Soul Rapids

There’s been lots of buzz recently about these lovely regions by Soul2Soul so a couple of weeks ago we went for a little explore around Soul2Soul Rapids.

I have no idea how it’s been two weeks, getting a bit behind on the blog updates – oh dear! 🙂

It’s a really nicely landscaped coastal region which gives you a real sense of that fresh seaside air. Here’s some shots we snapped while we were there.

And here is your taxi

On the pebble beach
Bay and house on the rocks
Looking back
Cosy little tent
Abby and Olivia
Snapped a segull
Lighthouse close up
Lighthouse and sea spray

Find Soul2Soul Rapids at

Got our Sparkle on

A few months ago the wonderfully talented Sparklebottom Lasertits approached us after seeing some of our photos on Flickr. She said she would like to photograph us. We had both been gawping at her amazing and sensual Second Life photos for some time so naturally we were very honoured to be asked, and ooh just a little bit excited about it too!

So far we’ve done a couple of individual shoots with her, and one with us both together so we thought it was high time we shared her photos here so they can be enjoyed together in one place.

If you have a Flickr account please click through and give each one of them a like 🙂

All photos are © 2019 Sparklebottom Lasertits







Moonage Daydream

Moonage Daydream






Shades of Cool

Shades of Cool


She Sings the Body Electric

She Sings the Body Electric








Soft & Wet

Soft & Wet









Bubbles and Bubbles!

Bubbles and Bubbles!







Isn’t she talented? You can find Sparks here on Flickr or follow her on Twitter at @sparklybootie

A trip to Svarga

As with The Lost Gardens of Apollo, Svarga is another historic build in Second Life.

We visited this tropical island a few weeks ago, took a tour on the back of a giant wasp and took a few snaps in and around the central tower and library.



svarga tower


There’s lots more than just this to see, we also explored some more and had fun playing with some unusual musical instruments we found. We were enjoying it too much to spend the whole time looking through the camera lens!

If you fancy visiting either for the first time or if you remember it from years ago then here is your taxi to Svarga

Second Pride 2019

The main stage in the park at Second Pride 2019

June is Pride month and every year this is celebrated in Second Life at Second Pride. This year it ran from 14 to 23 June. Abby has been to Second Pride before many times but, given that my first Rezday isn’t the till 15 July, this was my first time to experience it.

Second Pride 2019

This year’s Second Pride sim is modelled on a New York City block with the stunning main stage and dance area being in the park. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot, and the sim includes a replica of the Stonewall Inn among other exhibits.

The Stonewall Inn

Abby and I visited Second Pride a few times both to explore the city and to enjoy the party in the park. Outside of the park there were loads of shops and exhibits, as well as there being stalls in the park itself.

At Second Pride 2019

Abby and me at Second Pride ❤️

We arrived early one evening and had fun on the fairground rides before everyone else arrived in the park later that night.




The atmosphere down in the park is incredible. It feels so warm and lovey to party together with people who identify across the LGBT+ spectrum and beyond with open-minded allies. Being here with each other feels extra special. For me personally this represents the best of Second Life.

Abby and me at Second Pride 2019 ❤️

We returned a couple of days later and went for coffee at a beautiful little cafe just around the corner from the park. We took photos of each other ❤️

Cafe at Second Pride

Abby with me at Second Pride 2019 ❤️

With Abby at Second Pride 2019

A lovely place to relax during the day.

Then later that evening we hit the dance floor again. So wonderful to be a part of this in Second Life! 🥰

Dancing at Second Pride 2019 ️‍🌈

Abby and I would like to thank the organisers for creating such a wonderful Second Pride this year. If you haven’t been yet then get down there right now! Even if by the time you read this you’ve missed the parties it’s well worth exploring this little slice of New York City. 🏳️‍🌈❤️

The Lost Gardens of Apollo

The Lost Gardens of Apollo

One of the good things about being a relative noob (but learning fast, watch out! lol) is there is always so much in Second Life that I haven’t seen.

Recently Abby took me to see The Lost Gardens of Apollo. This is, Abby tells me, a very old sim made before the days of mesh and other such modern things I grew up with (apparently there used to be pose balls everywhere!)

Anyway so… it was lost – as in went offline – but the Lindens brought it back on (I assume) a sim they look after as it is considered to be an “historic build” which should mean it’s here to stay. More info about it here.

It was quite lovely and charming and fun to explore. Here are some pics from our visit:

If you fancy stepping back in time, or if you’ve never seen it then here is your taxi.