Some sad news

Hey, Olivia here

With sadness I am writing to say that I need to step away from Second Life right now. I don’t know when I will be able to come back.

I love SL so much, love spending time here and I love being “me”. And even more than all this I love my darling Abby… so very much. It makes me very sad that I have to step away from SL, and that this means I won’t be able to spend time with my love any more.

More and more lately there is a conflict of interest between my real life and my Second Life. Part of the problem is that SL is so good I’ve got a bit too lost in it emotionally. I have been neglecting my RL at times.

When I am Olivia and with Abby I am at my happiest, but when I’m back in the real world, well, I have a few things to sort out right now. My little boy needs me at my best, not tired because I stayed up too late. He needs extra help at home. And my RL relationship needs a lot of work to. So I need to prioritise those things.

This makes me very sad because Olivia is a big part of me that I am cutting off. And Abby is the love of my life and my soul mate, and I have to shut all of that out of my life. But everyone says RL first and that is right in the end.

I want to say thank you to all of my SL friends for all the times we’ve had. And please look after Abby for me. She is the most lovey and special person I have ever met, and right now I feel broken and empty to be leaving. This really hurts. Olivia is not leaving Abby so much as I am shutting down Olivia.

I may come back. I hope I can. But I don’t know yet how things will work out. So I can’t say for sure when. Sadly this is something I have to do.

And Abby darling I miss you so much already. I am so sorry to have to do this. Thank you for all the beautiful amazing times we have had. You will always be here in my heart, I love you, yours always and forever.

Much love,
Olivia Fraser x

7 thoughts on “Some sad news

  1. I refuse to like this. Darling, RL is very important and must take priority. That said, if your SL is the Real YOU, should you be continuing your current RL? it’s a painful decision that only you can make which only has painful solutions. Be who you are. Be who you need to be. ♥


    1. Sweetie it’s a painful decision for sure. Abby persuaded me to not delete my account at least, so I can always come back when things are better. I don’t know if or when that will happen but I hope it does.


  2. “will be a long day, without you my friend, but i want to tell about when i see you again” take your time and be well, this is a really brave decision to take and i will support you at 100% also if mean that i will miss you a lot. hugs and kisses


  3. Two months after you left, i still miss you lots. Since you’ve been gone i haven’t spent as much time in SL. I just logged in briefly to check my rentals, or for my fishing. And i haven’t been socializing much either, just chatted with Sheree or John sometimes.
    I have been spending more time with my RL too, but i still miss SL and the times we had together. I wanted to take you so many places, and do things together.
    SL is not the same anymore without you. I hope you can come back soon. ♥


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