Unicorn Heels, and a Special Announcement

Hey blogfans 🙂 Olivia here. First off a little announcement – From now on Abby and I are sharing this blog which is why it’s now called ‘Abby & Olivia in SL’, and the web address has changed to abbyandolivia.home.blog. If you have saved the link before please update your bookmark. I think if you were already following through WordPress then you should still be following us (I hope!) Thanks so much for reading – we love you!

2019-05-03 shopping_002

Yesterday we went shoe shopping. Abby and I had seen these sexy new unicorn horn heels being promoted and decided we should go to the event and try them on. We love the idea of going out dancing together in matching heels. So we headed over the the ACE Event and found the Bishes Inc. stall.

2019-05-03 shopping_008

I watched as Abby tried on a demo shoe first. “Pretty comfy actually!” she tells me, hopping around on one foot.

2019-05-03 shopping_012

I tried on a demo in pink and Abby went with black to match her dress. “Ooh I love them”, I said, “let’s go for it.”

2019-05-03 shopping_030

We bought a pair each and strapped them on. Very high but surprisingly comfy. “Oh they suit you well. Beautiful!” Abby said. She is always complimenting me. I tell her she looks fabulous. She always looks fabulous.

2019-05-03 shopping_037

Matching unicorn heels 🦄

2019-05-03 shopping_050

We stayed a while to have a bit of a chat, I could chat to Abby all day. Doesn’t she look beautiful? Happy in our matching heels. We had a chat about where to go dancing. It’s been too long since we went out together.

After chinwagging for a little while Abby had a good idea – “Why don’t we go back to our Paris loft and take a proper photo to show off the heels?”

Abby is a brilliant Second Life photographer, she’s taught me everything I know. I am improving all the time but her photos always have that je ne sais quoi that takes them to the next level.

I agree it’s a great idea so off we go. Abby does things properly, setting up lights and so on while I take a break. I’m happy for her to take over and for me to just be a model. Anything that means I am spending time with her is good with me 🙂

Here is her finished photo, isn’t it great?

Abby & Olivia Unicorn Heels

Click on the picture to see the full size version on Abby’s Flickr. And don’t forget to “like” it!

After the shoot we relaxed for the afternoon. Shopping is hard work! A friend came round and we chatted. Then later on that night we went out dancing! As you might have seen in the previous post I was complaining about not being able to go out enough so I was super happy to have a free night in SL to go out dancing with my baby.


Credits – we are not sponsored to promote these shoes, we genuinely love them and bought them ourselves. They cost $250L from Bishes Inc. At the moment they are only available at the ACE Event.

Thanks to Candy for posting this photo which is where we found them.


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