Farewell Home #3

Last week my life took another sudden turn. I’m not going into it here because not all of it is my business and, as with much of Second Life, real people with real hearts are involved. But suffice to say I am fine, and I sincerely hope everyone else is OK.

Out of everything came the decision to sell the home in Vacuul. I originally bought it on my own on 2 November 2018 in an auction and it was the first place I properly landscaped. I was very proud of it and it was a lovely place to relax either with friends or alone. More recently I shared the place with Abby. But – SL time being what it is – the 124 days for which I owned the place felt like an age, and in a few ways the place held too much history.

Sometimes it’s nice to just rip everything up and start again.

It was sold in just a couple of hours for more than I paid for it – to the person I barely beat to it in the original auction! So that worked out well for both of us, well kinda 🙂

This was actually my third home in Second Life. My first home was a $60L-a-week rented ‘scene changer’ skybox which was actually pretty great – and super cosy! It could be changed into any one of about 25 “scenes” including a beach hut (which was my favourite) but also had options like a Manhattan, Paris or London apartment, a castle, dungeon, various BDSM-rigged rooms (heh, of course *side-eyes-SL-builders*) and lots more. I imagine they are pretty common skyboxes so you might be familiar with these.

Waiting for you
My second home was a 1024 SQM plot my good friend Kendra sold to me for just 100 Lindens (she basically gave it me for free). It was great there because I became her neighbour along with Alice, and we shared some good times.

Sadly it was in the middle of an adult area so did suffer from a bit too much lag, but I did make an attempt at building there – just a simple flat garden around my house, with some little touches. In the end I sold it because I wanted a bit more scope for creativity and I wanted to be by the sea!

missing you

Then when I won the auction I was very excited – it was the first large plot I had ever had at 2560 square metres.

I made a small mistake because I hadn’t realised the sea directly in front of my beach was not ‘protected’ water. And after a long while, one day, it reverted from being sea to having a mesh land mass with a rental sign on it. So it had been rented but unused all that time and it had finally expired. Put it down to lack of experience on my part. So after that I had to pay an additional $650L a week just to keep that rental mesh block reappearing and spoiling the view. However on a positive note it did allow me to add a beach hut and a pier and to moor my new yacht there.

I was super proud of the place, and also had lovely neighbours Candy and Sasha. I will miss it but it’s time to move on, and the future looks positive. More on that in good time.

Here’s a gallery of the old place. Out of curiosity I went back yesterday… funny seeing it all reset and empty again.

Olivia’s Tropical Paradise, 2 November 2018 – 6 March 2019


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