Stormy weather

More RL updates because I’ve not been in Second Life a lot this week. Storm Freya is being noisy and blowy outside, and our supposedly new roof windows seem to be rattling loudly which does not feel like a good thing. The cats are both safely inside and on laps.

This is my fourth day in a row of being away from Second Life (ok, mostly). This week has not been kind to Second Life Me. Work has been busy, and there’s always the juggle with school runs and ferrying to and from after school clubs, housework and so on.

Then this weekend my parents came to visit…. Which was actually lovely – they were well behaved compared to recent visits (no Brexit talk for once!) But jumping onto SL would have been pretty rude of me to do, obviously. Heh… well to be honest I did log in for nearly an hour toward the end of Saturday night (my dad was asleep on the sofa) but it was chat mode only.

I use this productivity program at work called RescueTime that records how long I spend doing different things on my computer. I am always obsessing about how much time I have or don’t have on SecondLife so I decided to install it on my laptop (that I run SL on) to see how much time I really do spend in world. So far I have had the software installed for 2 weeks.

It turns out I have spent 6h 37 mins running Firestorm this week.


Is that a lot? It felt like I was hardly in world at all… Hmmm I think I might be slightly addicted.

This is in total contrast to last week when my RL situation was totally different and I had a lot of time to myself. I spent 26 hours in Second Life over that week. That did feel like a lot but I had an amazing time. It’s nice to sometimes spend a few hours at a time because you can go and do a few things in one session, visit different friends and so on. Time flies when you are having fun!


I will keep track from now on and probably blog some boring chart that is literally only interesting to me, in a few months time 🙂

Well everyone has now gone to bed so I will log back onto SL for maybe an hour before bed and see who is around. When you have good friends in Second Life not seeing them for a few days can get you down.

Little plug…

I may as well link to it here. I made something! It’s dead simple – just a wall light that turns on or off when you click it. But I am pretty happy with it. It was my first attempt at scripting in SecondLife, which was a challenge but satisfying too. The light itself is just 3 simple prim shapes – i have no idea how to make mesh stuff yet (well I installed Blender but….. feels like a killer learning curve)

So check out my little wall light. Just 50 Lindens guys! (lol yeah maybe this would have been impressive back in in 2003 I know).

Personally I think everyone should buy one 😛


One thought on “Stormy weather

  1. “I will log back onto SL for maybe an hour before bed and see who is around.”
    – Nobody was around. Never mind! 😂


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