12 February random update

Real life update: Well I feel absofuckinglutelyterrible today and, yes, it’s all my own fault because I am a grown up (supposedly). I said yes to one too many things, and ended up going out twice at the weekend, one of those nights being with a friend down in Brighton who let’s just say has fewer responsibilities than me and, well we went to bed at a time I don’t usually see unless I get up early. And I did all of this knowing full well I had a long-planned date again down in London with three old school friends on the Monday night too, but thinking I would get away with this because Sunday was in between. LOL nope.

Sunday was hectic… meeting back up with my husband and boy in London and us all having a long drive home, then housework and homework and cooking dinner then later on child nightmares and ‘ok you can sleep in the big bed’ and…

So yes today I’d like to curl up and go back to sleep please.

Meanwhile in Second Life…

Dancing to DJ Florence on the Decks

Well life is good right now. It’s still sometimes a bit of a puzzle trying to fit SL around my hectic RL, but when opportunities come along for any time there I jump at the chance. It’s pretty hard to predict.

I randomly had a long weekend alone at home at the very start of February. It’s rare for me to get so much time to myself. I spent some lovely quality time in Second Life that weekend. I went partying twice at Hidden Desires, went nude fishing, taking photos, and just generally spending some quality time with Abby. I was one happy bunny 🙂

Lazy Afternoon

After that magical weekend sadly ended I had a busy week at work so didn’t have much Second Life time, and besides Abby was not on much due to her RL work situation either. And then of course all of this weekend I was away pretending to still be young (lol) and here I am now feeling sorry for myself and forgetting how much fun I was having only a week ago.

I sometimes get a bit negative and whingy when I am tired like I am today and I am sorry about that. Nobody wants a whingy Olivia.

It’s important to remember the good times and be thankful for them. This is one of the reasons I like to take photos in Second Life – so I can look back at my photo diary. Even now I am smiling again looking at my recent pics (hehe especially some of the ones I don’t intend to share publicly :P)

In your arms

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