Happy Xmas from Olivia

Xmas 2018

Hi. I just wanted to write a little note to say Happy Christmas to all my Second Life friends, Twitter friends and anyone else who reads my blog for whatever reason it is that compels you 🙂

Whatever you are doing… whether it is with family, or friends or alone, or even if you are doing nothing I hope you have a lovely day.

And to all my Second Life friends: thank you for being there, and for all the fun and craziness and love and chats and cuddles we have had together. There would literally be no point if it wasn’t for you. I’m only six months old but it feels like years. In a good way!

Xmas 2018

As you no doubt noticed this blog post includes some pictures of me wearing a cute reindeer outfit complete with a pair of antlers. This is my last minute, waaaay overdue attempt at taking some Xmas piccies! I grabbed the outfit from Pink Pearl Designs (thanks Abby) on the Marketplace and headed over to the Second Pride Winter Event sim, which is very pretty and snow-covered.

Have fun, don’t eat too many mince pies, and I’ll see you soon.

Special mentions: Abby, Alice, Boda, Candy, Chris, Ivana, Kendra, Rylan, Sheree, Silver, Sky ❤

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