Home Sweet Home


I have been back in Second Life now for nearly 5 months. Before that I had an 18 month break due to RL stuff. In my old life I didn’t progress that much due to my living arrangements. I was pretty much looked after and not that independent. And as such, I had a small rented skybox home but never really learned a lot about building.

This new life so far has been 100x better! It’s wonderful being independent… and building on what I learned before I was able to get up to speed quickly. Recently I saw on Twitter that land auctions were back (to be honest it’s the first time I had heard about them at all). I was living at the time in a little parcel that a friend had sold to me very cheaply. It was fine but landlocked and also laggy. Due to it being in an adult area it was also not very scenic.

So I kept my eye on a 2560 SQM parcel with a sea view and thanks to a sneaky last minute bid I managed to get it for a very reasonable price. So reasonable I managed to sell my old parcel for nearly as much!

Since then it’s taken me a few weeks but I have done a lot of landscaping. It’s a combination of using the build tools and also buying some mesh-based landscaping kits. I am very happy with the result.. my own little enchanted tropical paradise with my own beach.

home sweet home

sunrise over the beach

Most of the outdoor elements are from Studio Skye whose products I am very impressed by. Even if you are not looking to buy I highly recommend visiting their Inworld Store. By chance I bumped into the Studio Sky creator Alex Bader while there, and he was super helpful (or you might say a very good salesman).

Anyway… I am very happy with the result of my first attempt at making my own environment and I wanted to share it. It’s a lovely place to relax and for inviting friends over. Second Life is so much more rewarding when you get creative.

Here are a couple more pics I took there:

Abby came to visit

beach fire

Footnote: Thanks to my friend Silver for recommending Skye


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